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Kerri Morrison comes with over 24 plus years of experience to the interior and project management side of residential design. Her projects range from Coast to Coast with repeat customers that continue to sing her praises. Her projects exude her clients personalities with the presence of mind to give them the distinction of lifestyle and beauty that is timeless. Kerri holds her Real Estate license in the state of Texas and works with clients likes to keep clients perspective on the future sale of their home so that it will be market worthy.

She prides herself in keeping to timeframes and always leaves her projects ahead of schedule (albeit the builder/contractor have stood up to their agreement). A client budget is adhered to unless the client adjusts!

Coming from a corporate background in IBM sales, Kerri is at ease with working with all types of clients and learned the importance of building her ideas around client needs and satisfaction. She also consulted for Robert Allen Fabrics in New York.

She appreciates the craftsman in the trade and builds lasting relationships with these subcontractors appreciating them for their efforts, reflecting a ‘better quality’ for her clients.

Kerri can be contacted for a phone interview at 713-724-7406 west coast time between the hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Or email her at

Now Offering Dollhouses

This creative play box offers a space for a child to play with dolls and toys. The trunk is a beautiful piece of furniture that blends into any décor and provides a storage space for the dolls or figures and accessories once play is complete!

Redefine and redesign the childhood experience of interaction with the joy of creativity. They can build their own dream suite for their dolls, figures or legos.

We are developing furniture and accessories for 18" dolls for the creative play box. You will be able to take the furniture and redesign rooms with 14 essential pieces. Have your play space explore the United States or the world!

Creative Play Box is offered at $495.00.

For purchase inquires, please contact Kerri at 713-724-7406. ($35 delivery charge to San Diego or $65 delivery charge to Los Angeles.)


Hands on, imaginative, highest quality products, great contacts works as though the house was her own yet listens to her clients.

Jaymie Johnson
Houston, TX

From start to finish Kerri lent her expertise, creativity, enthusiasm and vision. She is a master at listening to her clients, providing solutions and producing results. Our major remodel came in on time and on budget. We couldn’t have done it without Kerri.

Jody Mack
Winnetka, IL

Kerri is a talented designer who really adds a personal touch to her work...understands your needs and works within your budget while delivering high quality and creative results! She's fun to be around and is excited about her projects and always honest and fair! She works on smaller or large projects with the same enthusiasm.

Nancy Ormand
Houston, TX

This is the 8th home that I have employed Kerri. Transition is key; she moves it from an emotional decision to a realistic decision. She does whatever it takes to make the job run smoothly and projects are always completed on time. She has a true sense of what the project requires, and each project is handled like a piece of art working to complete the perfect picture in our home. We literally could not have done it without her.

Terry Weber
Idyllwild, CA

Kerri is a gifted project manager. She managed the building of three houses for our family with efficiency and a focus on cost saving, resulting in three beautiful homes for our family to enjoy.

Diane Paddison
Portland, OR

Project Locations

locations map

Kerri consults world wide projects and these are current US locations that she has worked. Her current assignment is with a boutique Australian wedding venue location.

New Jersey
New York City, NY
Roanoke, VA
Charlotte, NC
Chandler, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ
Raleigh, NC

Chicago, IL
Naperville, IL
Winnetka, IL
Des Moines, IA
Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma City, OK

Ft. Collins, CO
Denver, CO
Boulder, CO

Houston, TX
Bellville, TX
Dallas, TX
Plano, TX
Austin, TX

Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
Toluca Lake, CA
Idyllwild, CA
Park Cities, UT

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